Anime Weekly Roundup 12.03.2017

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You know, I was thinking of ideas on how to put more variety on my postings.

I looked around the internet and really didn’t find a solution. There were episodic reviews but I wasn’t really into that unless the episode is really special. I ended up deciding on doing a weekly roundup, it solves all the issues that I need fixing. It also gives me a platform to still write quality posts.

So without further ado, here is my very first anime weekly roundup for the week ending on December 3rd, 2017

Dragonball Super #118

Anime Weekly Roundup

I was told by a friend of mine that this episode was really LIT so I ended up watching it. I normally watch Super in a batch of sorts; someone tells me the arc is good, I end up watching it and enjoying it.

While this episode was good, it was not good in the sense that the animation was crisp and the battle scenes stood out. It was more so of a turning point for me, where things actually get real – that Gokus’ decision and the consequences of that decision are actually being implemented.

Makes me really think that Goku is an ass. 🙂

Ballroom e Youkoso #22

Ballroom e Youkoso #22

The first part of this episode was a Kugimiya flashback and it explains his journey up to this point, the ups and the DOWNS of his life, his accident, and this return to the dance floor in which he fondly calls “hell”.

The 2nd part of the anime puts the focus back on Tatara & Chinatsu and their ever so lack of, and growing, rapport as dance partners. It is a very chaotic push and pulls relationship. I thought they’ve dragged this little “building chemistry” arc a tad too long. Especially since I expected Tatara to adapt to Chinatsu by now. I mean why insinuate that Tatara is some sort of master dance chameleon but have this much trouble with, to be fair, an amateur who has pro skills.

I’m still watching this though because they’re almost past the hump and I am reading the manga as well.

Shokugeki no Soma S3 #9

Shokugeki no Soma S3 #9

Soma doing his Soma thing! Taking names and handing out Shokugeki ass-kicking to the likes that no one can replicate.

Soma comes back from victory, kicking Central Elite asses and protecting the Polar Star Dorm. It also has some reflection from Erina about Soma and the Polar Star dormitory. Some gentleness being laid out in front of us showing a more vulnerable, softer side in which we have not seen from the wielder of the God Tongue.

This episode also showcases the new Central Elite recruits, and how team Soma handles them.

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