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Shonen Fanatic does manga review on all of the niche mangas’ out there, especially the shonen variation. I might do some other genres in between but I will do shonen types most of the times. Check out my site for new manga reviews.

It’s Only the Beginning

I came into manga later in my life, I love Animerica. My first mangas’ were X, Fushigi Yugi, Zombie Powder, MPD Psycho, Ill Generation Basketball and other ones that I can’t remember.

Even though my entryway to manga seems so mainstream, what really pulls me to manga is the cutting edge storytelling. A lot of concepts and stylings are really exciting and not being told in the Western world and I can’t get enough of it. I hope to share the same passion and views that I have with the world.

2018 Manga List Part 3

zuper_cb/ January 22, 2018/ Manga Review/ 0 comments

We finally reached the last part of my 2018 manga list. To be honest, I thought I was reading more but I guess I was not. I’ve read a lot and completed a bunch of them already. As always, looking forward to any recommendations that are in line with what I am currently reading. I could

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2018 Manga List Part 2

zuper_cb/ January 22, 2018/ Manga Review/ 0 comments

Part 2 of my 2018 manga list, these are the ones I’m really following. The staples of my reading list and where my taste of manga normally runs. Whenever I check a new manga, you can pretty much see the themes that I like; good stories & interesting characters. Check them out and let me know

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2018 Manga List Part 1

zuper_cb/ January 20, 2018/ Manga Review/ 0 comments

  Even though anime was the first thing that introduced me to Japanese media, the internet was really the one that deepened my fascination. As soon as the internet took traction, I was introduced to many things like AMV, anime themed blogs and of course, manga. I’ve been reading them since my introduction and without further

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Veritas Manga Review

zuper_cb/ January 12, 2018/ Manga Review/ 0 comments

Veritas is technically a manhwa, not a manga but for this blogs’ purposes, I’ll specify in my post. Yoon Joon-sik wrote and Kim Dong-hoon illustrated the manhwa. Veritas publication was in 2005 to 2010. Some Kung Fu Fighting Gangryong Ma was rescued by a man named Lightning Tiger. A man whose strength is beyond belief. Gangryong is

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Psyren Manga Review

zuper_cb/ December 28, 2017/ Manga Review/ 0 comments

Psyren is a Japanese shōnen manga series by Toshiaki Iwashiro. This was a random manga I ended up checking online years ago and I still think, to this day, that’s it’s very good. Could use an anime adaptation instead of those light novel adaptations they keep doing. X-Factor The manga follows Ageha Yoshina, a high school

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BECK Manga Review

zuper_cb/ December 21, 2017/ Manga Review/ 0 comments

Mongolian Chop Squad BECK is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Harold Sakuishi. It was originally serialized in Monthly Shōnen Magazine with the 103 chapters. BECK was later adapted into a 26-episode anime television series, titled BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, by Madhouse and aired on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2005. A

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Worst Manga Review

zuper_cb/ December 13, 2017/ Manga Review/ 0 comments

This is my first manga review and I will be doing it on one of my favorite ones; Worst The manga medium is one of the literary media I consume a lot, I enjoy Japanese storytelling and ideas. I firmly believe they are way ahead of its’ western counterparts. The only genre I believe this side

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