Dragon Ball Super [Anime Review]

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Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation that began airing on July 5, 2015, and currently has 131 episodes. It is the sequel to the classic franchise, Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super setting is right about when Goku defeated Majin Buu. The gang is all back as they end up facing new challenges and new dangers that threaten the peace on Earth.


dragon ball super

The Dragon Ball franchise has been a staple of my anime history. I’ve watched Dragon Ball when I was in the Phillippines and I watched Dragon Ball Z when we moved to Canada. I used to try to catch it in the early Saturday morning showing but I ended up really following it when it was showing in YTV over here. While it wasn’t my gateway to anime, I still enjoyed it very much.

18 years later or so, we finally got the sequel everyone wanted but what we also didn’t get.

Boogie Back

dragon ball super

Dragon Ball Super is a weird mish-mash of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The music wasn’t bad, you don’t really expect mood changing music from the Dragon Ball franchise. I did like one of the ending credit theme songs, Boogie Back by Miyu Inoue. It had a very distinct disco retro 70’s beat to it. It was nice to listen to. The soundtrack for the fight scenes were also well done. It had a nice rocking song in the background, especially in the fights of the last arc.

The storyline is going to be the same for every DB franchise. Big bad shows up, Goku and gang trains and fights, someone might die and be eventually brought back to life, Z fighters get beaten up, they come back stronger and kick ass. It’s a tried and true formula that has worked for years and to be honest, what Dragon Ball fans are looking for. If I want a thinking mans’ anime, there are plenty others to choose from; Code Geass, Death Note, etc

The animation was hit or miss. There are some parts when it was really lame, and there were some parts when it was really awesome. From what I heard, when a high-end director does an episode – the quality goes up over 9000. So if you watch the whole series, you can tell when the episode is being directed by a top director and when it is not.

Z Warriors

dragon ball super

As an anime fan who has seen the level of anime storytelling go up to a higher level, I’m kinda sad with the level of storytelling Dragon Ball Super had. I will give it to Toriyama though, he did introduce some concepts like paradoxes and time traveling issues (Goku Black arc) but the execution was not good enough. Also, there was some character development, especially with Vegeta.

As a Dragon Ball fanboy though…Hell Yeah! Love it when the Z Warriors throw down. I’m still a little irked about how Gohan ended up. Why must Gohan be so weak! Give him a better storyline next series damnnit!

My MIP award goes to Vegeta. Like I said, he had some character development and he’s finally gotten a little closer to Gokus’ power level. MVP award goes to Android 17. That guy is just a cool cat and I don’t know what kind of training he did to get to that level but he’s putting Piccolo to shame.

So What’s Next?

dragon ball super

The Dragon Ball franchise pull has never been its’ characters or storyline, I’ve always wondered why so many people chose to stuck with this franchise. As an anime comparison, Naruto does it so much better with the characters and storyline.

I’ve always thought that its’ charm is the visceral, primal experience that it gives the audience. There is something captivating about the primal strength being displayed to others. Throughout history itself, people have always followed the strong and Goku and company is the OP kings of anime.

I’m going to give this anime a 3.5/5 dragon balls as I thought they could’ve done better with the animation in general. Thanks for reading and let me know what you thought of this anime or will you even watch this.

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