I Am A Shonen Fanatic

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Hello, my name is Carlo, and I am a shonen anime fanatic. 🙂 It all started when I was a wee boy, I was introduced to comic books and television. Nothing too mainstream though but I was still familiar with the genre in general and Dragon Ball was playing in my country. I didn’t appreciate it till we moved to Canada and I was late middle school/early high school.

dragonball z goku

The Beginning…..

I don’t know how it happened or started but I think it was from watching Saturday morning cartoons. Especially when they launched Dragon Ball Z in the afternoon on YTV, I was instantly hooked. And that little part of the afternoon ritual began the downward love and hate relationship with anime, especially shonen anime and manga.

From there I dove into the vast treasure trove that is Japanese animation and manga. It’s been a decade and a half since I started and the fascination has not stopped at all. The way the stories are told, it’s very intriguing and very unlike its’ Western counterparts. I’ve seen and watched almost every type of genre “Japanimation” has to offer and as long as the story was good, I was there.

Every season, I look forward to the many offerings.


I’ve started this website to share my love and opinion on all things anime & manga. New and old but I will be focusing on shonen anime, I will do other genres as well if I’ve watched or read it.

I’m looking forward to the many adventures we’ll face. 🙂

See ya space cowboy…..

Cotboy Bebop Spike Spiegel

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