Kuroko No Basket Last Game [Anime Review]

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Kuroko No Basket Last Game is a movie of the Kuroko no Basuke anime & manga series. While the movie was loosely based on the short manga sequel, EXTRA GAME, it is an original story as stated by the creator.

Generation of Miracles

Kuroko No Basket Last Game

Kuroko and Kagami arrive and the match between Team Strky (who are other characters in the show) and Team Jabberwock begins. The rest of the Generation of Miracles teams came to watch as well, commenting on their ex-teammates appearance and skills.

The match of Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky begins but the atmosphere of the court changes with Jabberwock’s play turning into a provocative one. The Generation of Miracles notices that this style of play is not only provocative but is showing just how openly the Jabberwock is looking down on their opponents.

The match comes to its end with a dunk from Silver, Jabberwock winning with a score of 86 – 6. Kasamatsu approached Gold to congratulate him however Gold doesn’t return the handshake and instead labels the Japanese players as incompetent. Gold spits on Kasamatsu’s hand, laughing at how pathetically team Strky has performed. Kagetora steps in challenging Jabberwock to another match in order for the Japanese players to prove them wrong, arranging a match between Team Jabberwock and the Generation of Miracles.

Kurokos’ Basketball

Last Game

The sound design was on point for this anime. I really wish they could’ve managed to squeeze in the intro song somewhat in here as well.

The animation of this film was great. The characters look fleshed out in the anime and the basketball choreography was crisp and detailed. There was more flash than meat in this anime though, a lot of flashy dunks or footwork instead of solid fast plays being played out.

The story as well was pretty basic, there is no twist and turns. This was basically fan service for everyone who wanted to make the Kuroko dream team. Some of the main characters seem to have been left out as well in the plot development and while I thought Jabba was good, they really had no answer for Midorima.

I mean if I was playing this in 2K, I would’ve bombarded them with 3pt bombs from everywhere. Easy win!

The Last Game

last game

This was a Kuroko no Basket fan wet dream. The best characters in the anime series fighting alongside one another. It also answers the question of if they kept continuing playing together, how would it look like.

Overall, it is a very satisfying experience. I give this movie 3/5 stars!

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