Merry Xmas 2017

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Xmas 2017

Xmas 2017

Going into 2018, Christmas till New Years has always been a time of reflection for me. What things do I need to change, what things to I want to accomplish? A lot of introspection goes into this time frame and I do have a lot of things I want to be done.

With that said, anime wise, here’s a couple of things I’m looking forward to?

Better Shonen Anime

Aldnoah Zero

This year, there wasn’t any memorable animes that came out. It’s either a light novel adaptation that has no depth, or a sequel/second season. I need more ‘Erased’ or ‘Aldnoah Zero‘ in my life. To be fair, I haven’t check out ‘Re:Creators’ so maybe that’s the anime I’m looking forward to?

I’m going to end up watching more k-drama if this keeps up.

Better Properties

Dragonball Super

Just need better original animes to come out, lol. Some of the stuff was good but nothing that blew me away. Please, let’s get something out there or do the ones already out there better, like DB Super.

Better Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super

To be perfectly clear here, I do not mind the newer animation. This point is not about old school vs new school. My issue is that the animation is missing the intensity it used to have.

I’ve heard reasons that it’s because they are trying to reach a certain demographic. Lets’ not forget who turned this anime into a cult classic. There’s no point in putting kid gloves on this anime.


Happy Holidays to everyone and enjoy the rest of the year! 😀

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