Spring 2018 Anime Roundup

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My spring 2018 anime roundup is here! I wasn’t expecting much this coming season but there was a couple of pleasant surprises I didn’t expect to come out. I think I’ve seen everything new that came out for spring. Like I’ve done previously, I ended up deciding which new properties to watch by how much it enticed me during the first few minutes of the anime. This list is pretty much my own personal preference of what animes’ I like to watch.

For this time around, I’ve organized what I’m watching into 2 sections; what I’m actually going to watch and what I’m kinda watching. The latter is because the premise is interesting enough for me to check out but might eventually drop if it’s no good. To be fair, every one of this has a chance of being dropped but the ones listed in the “I’m going to watch” section has a pretty high chance of staying on board.

Now, without further ado, my spring 2018 anime roundup.

What I Am Watching

I’m definitely watching the animes’ listed below unless something catastrophic happens during its’ run. For the most part, most of it are properties that I’ve already seen and there are only a couple that is new additions.

Boku no Hero Academia

boku no hero academia

One of my favorite typical shonen battle anime out there. The zero to hero aspect of it, the deep and engaging storyline, the well-developed characters. All that makes Boku no Hero Academia one of the fan favorites out there.

This is like the mainstream version of Hunter X Hunter.

Megalo Box

megalo punch

I must confess, I’ve barely seen Ashita no Joe. Megalo Box is a love letter to the franchise, the 50th-anniversary project of Ashita No Joe. I love everything about this anime so far. The animation style, the setting – EVERYTHING!

Take note, anime studies out there, this is how a modern anime should look like. Has all of the good traits of the old and new school animation style.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Die Neue These

legend of the galatic heroes die neue these

I haven’t finished watching the entire season, 75% of the episodes watched because it is so long. Legend of the Galatic Heroes – Die Neue These takes place in one of the major battles in the anime and one of the major meetings between characters.

The updated version of this anime looks crisp and it didn’t lose the heaviness of the original anime. I’m going to keep watching this and watch the original version of this anime.

Screw sleeping.

Major 2nd

major 2nd

One of the original properties I’m watching. It’s a baseball anime and the premise is interesting enough.

Gundam Build Drivers

gundam build drivers

I can’t get enough of Gundam and Gundam Build is the mainstream offering for the masses while Thunderbolt is for the hardcore Gundam enthusiast out there. I liked the first incarnation enough so I’ll watch this as well.

Basically, popcorn mecha anime for me.

Persona 5 The Animation

persona 5 the animation

I’ve never played any Persona games and I think the last anime based out of Persona (3 I think), I wasn’t enticed to watch it. The premise of this anime though has got me hooked and the main character is bad ass.

Not going to play the games but I sure will watch this anime.

Shokugeki no Soma S3

shokugeki no soma

Cooking Battle Anime, enough said.

I’ve been a big fan of the manga for quite some time now and it only keeps getting better so watching the anime is going to be satisfying.

Steins Gate 0

steins gate 0

One of my all-time favorite anime, I’ve watched Steins Gate a whole lot of times. I’m a big time travel enthusiast myself and the original took the concepts and storytelling in a whole new level. I’m very excited as to what this incarnation will bring me.

Sword Art Online Alternative – Gun Gale Online

sword art online ggo

Another popcorn anime that I like. I don’t know if I mentioned before but I’m a fan of SAO. The property took all the good parts of popcorn anime and lessened the degree of the bad aspects.

I wasn’t a big fan of the GG arc, I liked the world and tech design and Sinon was one of my favorite characters to come out of there. The premise seems interesting and real-life gaming tactics are utilized in the action scenes so I will be tuning in to see how it turns out.

Tokyo Ghoul re

tokyo ghoul re

I was lukewarm with the original anime, I thought it had promise but was squandered with bad writing.

The premise of this one is interesting but I’ve heard some bad reviews about the manga in general. I like it enough to tune in to see if this is such a trainwreck.



Surprise! Another baseball anime! This one is more to my liking though, it’s basically about the life of a reliever pitcher for a pro-baseball team.

A day in the life kinda anime where you get the inside scoop on how a pitcher thinks. Not sure how accurate this is and surprisingly, I’ve seen and read a lot of baseball related material so the bar is high.

What I’m Kinda Watching

The animes’ below are the ones that have caught my eye but I’m not convinced enough that the premise or the story will be strong enough to keep its’ run. These are the ones that I will eventually drop if the quality drops. But you know, there might be a gem here that’ll hook me the whole time.


One of those typical shonen offerings. The ending of the episode where the shit hits’ the fan seems interesting and some groundhog day hijinks as well.

Devils Line

Another typical anime with vampires. What is up with the mythical creature reenvisioning recently, I think last year it was werewolves.

Golden Kamuy

This was has high praises going in but I wasn’t hooked. Volet Evergarden had high praises as well last year but I didn’t even watch that past the 2nd episode so…..

Nil Admirari no Tenbin – Teito Genwaku Kitan

One of those seasonal bishonen anime offering but the premise is interesting.


persona 5

Lots more to watch and consume since I’m still watching the other animes’ that are still running. I’m more surprised at how many offerings they have that I’m actually watching.

Damn you Japan!

Damn you my weakness for anime!

It’s going to be a busy spring, lets’ have some fun shall we. 🙂

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