The Greatest Top 5 (Shonen) Anime Romances

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Love was in the air yesterday and I had to post something for this. Not a lot of people may know but even though shonen anime and manga is tied to a certain stereotype of action-oriented, there are some prominent couples in shonen history that managed to sneak in with the action. Here are my top 5 shonen anime romances, in no particular order.

Sword Art Online

sword art online

Who can ignore this power couple of anime, everyone loves SAO and everyone who hates it – loves it deep inside, lol.  Kirito & Asuna love story has become a powerful one, story-wise.  The sacrifice, the deception, they even managed to get a digital kid.

Kirito had to go to hell and back to find his Asuna and they are going strong as a couple.

Mirai Nikki

mirai nikki

Those who have not watched Mirai Nikki or read the manga has missed out. I preferred the manga version by the way but this is one for the sci-fi, survival junkies out there. Yukiteru ends up becoming a participant in a battle royal tournament where the winner becomes a God of the dimension. He has help from his psychotic stalker Yunu, who ends up killing herself so Yuki can become a god. In the end, he did fall in love with her and eventually, became eternal lovers with Yuno from another dimension.

This is one of the most dysfunctional love story ever written in anime history.

Zetsuen No Tempest

zetsuen no tempest

If you liked Shakespeares’ Hamlet or The Tempest, this is the anime for you. This is like a weird love triangle with a twist, Mahiro is in love with his “sister” Aika but Yoshino (who is his best friend) is secretly dating her already. She died which causes a series of events that lead to the world destruction. Then a girl name Hakaze joins them to save the world and she eventually fell in love with Yoshino. Some time traveling and some super magic powers added.

This is a weird, yet very serious, anime.

Tokyo Ravens

tokyo ravens

Harutora is a weakling in the world where magic is prominent and he is friends with a girl named Natsume, who comes from a line of a family which holds the blood of the greatest Onmyodo of all time. High school hijinx ensue and serious magical battles as well.

In the end, Harutora becomes the successor of the greatest sorcerer ever. Natsume dies and he decided to bring her back to life. He then goes on a revenge mission to take out everyone who messed with them.

Great story, gives me that Kill Bill vibes.



Berserk is the saddest love story on this list, and it is that sad since I already included animes that had the female lead died and I still think this is the saddest of them all.

Guts & Casca didn’t like each other initially but eventually fell in love, then a series of circumstances occur and Griffith…..damn you, Griffith, I hate you so much!!!!

Read or watch the anime, you won’t regret watching this piece of masterpiece.

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

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