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Veritas is technically a manhwa, not a manga but for this blogs’ purposes, I’ll specify in my post. Yoon Joon-sik wrote and Kim Dong-hoon illustrated the manhwa. Veritas publication was in 2005 to 2010.

Some Kung Fu Fighting


Gangryong Ma was rescued by a man named Lightning Tiger. A man whose strength is beyond belief.

Gangryong is a simple person and he decided to turn Lightning Tiger into his master. After a couple of “trials”, Lightning Tiger accepted Gangryong as a disciple and teaches him his martial art style, Enlightenment Of Thunder and Lightning (or EOTL).

Lighting Tiger was strong but he was killed by a rival faction called Reunion. The same faction wanted to capture Gangryong as he was the final heir to the teachings of EOTL. He played along and enrolled in a Reunion school hoping to find his masters’ killer and exact revenge.

Drunken Master


This was one of the first manhwas’ I’ve ever read and I was impressed by the work. I didn’t realize that Korea had some a rich martial arts history as well. I thought China and then Japan had that corner of the market dealt with but it was a pleasant surprise.

The artwork really impressed me, the detail they had in each character was amazing. Each character was very distinct and had a personality. The action scenes and landscapes spared no detail as well. You can tell there was a lot of effort put into the art. It was very glossy and action-packed.

The story was well done, the storytelling was crisp and tight.The story is not going to win any awards, it’s as simple as a revenge story can but it shines in other aspects. The worldbuilding and characterization were meticulously crafted.

Each character had their own martial art style, each style had it’s own lineage and branches. It’s martial art porn for the people like me who thrive on this kind of things.

The fighting was articulately crafted. It was gritty and artistic as well. Each character style really shone and was showcased in this manga. You can tell by the way they fight each character’s personality.

Kiss Of The Dragon


The only critique I have is this mangas’ life got cut-off too short. I don’t remember the reason was but it is. The manga didn’t have enough time to be fleshed out because the last arc was rushed.

This wasn’t the perfect manhwa, there were some plot holes in the storyline. Plot holes happen in all serialized stories but they get sorted out in time. Veritas did not have that time though.

Overall, I will still recommend this manhwa to all martial arts fanatic out there. Even with its’ flaws, the good outshines the bad in this case.

I give this manga 4/5 stars, thanks for reading my review! Follow me on Instagram for daily anime stuff and Facebook as well.

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