Weekly Anime Roundup 12.26.2017

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Weekly Anime Roundup

Just watched some Kuroko No Basket Last Game & Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale, which I just finished reviewing – go check it out. With that said, time for another weekly anime roundup where I watch shonen anime and give out a spoiler-free recap.

Black Clover #12

Black Clover 12

Not that eventful, Asta side mission is concluded. Yuno has his own side mission starting w/ a little twist it seems. The Wizard King likes to wander around and check out things.

Shokugeki No Soma S3 #12

Shokugeki No Soma S3 #12

Somas’ shokugeki against the first seat came to a conclusion. As well, while it wasn’t a secret – Erina finally founds out that Saiba is Somas’ father and a deeper tie between Saibas’ past and why Nakiri wants to start a culinary revolution is revealed.

Dragonball Super #121


Universe 3 launched their final super attack and it did give the heroes some trouble. In the end, it was taken care of and the final showdown begins again.  With Super starting, the power levels are always out of whack. It’s never adjusted properly. Can’t wait till they regulate this properly.

Not a lot of anime for me to check out when its’ slow like this – maybe I should bring this to a different direction.  I just got an idea, will try it out next round of this thing that I do. I have a couple of animes’ on queue to review as well as some spotlight. I’m also going to try out something out before the year ends so watch out for that.

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