Weekly Roundup 01.03.2018

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Weekly Roundup

2018 is upon us and time for my weekly roundup where I summarize the anime and manga I’ve consumed in the past week. For me, its’ been a slow start. I actually read a lot more manga than watch anime, I still enjoy the reading aspect. I like anime because it’s like candy, sweet and fast, the kind of things you imagined starts moving and you feel all giddy inside.

Not a lot of releases are coming out, hopefully, it begins soon but with that said – here are some pretty good ones to check out if you haven’t.

Black Clover #13

Black Clover

Yunos side mission is finally over. Sister Lilly gets kidnapped and Yuno saves her while taking out the mercenaries. We also find out who the real mastermind is, not like it took a lot to figure it out.

Evil or Live #12

Evil Or Live

The final episode of this anime. Let’s just say I was underwhelmed by this. I don’t about these indie releases that Funimation keeps putting out.

Fuuka #183


Yuus’ festival is finally getting started and the bands are performing the hell out of it. Le Bard had a minor emotional episode but the show went on. Also, Yuu is showing some of his jealousy – get over it bro, Fuuka is throwing herself at you.

Fukumenkei Noise #46

Fukumenkei Noise

As all of the bands prepare for a music festival coming up where In No Hurry goes head to head with the Black Cats again. Nino and Yuzu are still doing some songwriting collaboration with another group. Momo is finally back with the Black Cats after his self-imposed exile. Miou and Haruyoshi relationship takes a little more step towards getting together.

Haikyu #284


Karasuno Vs Inarizaki game continues but it’s almost the end and who will come out victorious? I feel like this match kinda dragged on and not a lot of excitement.

Hello 2018!!!!!


I’m on and off with this manga but it looks like in this chapter, the gang is getting their ass kicked soon. Anyways, I love music mangas’. It’s nice that there’s a couple of them out since Beck was released. Hope they make new ones, or some hip-hop breakdancing ones – that would be legit!

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