Who Am I?

shonen fanatic

Hello, my name I zuper_carlob and I am shonen anime and manga junkie. Since I was young, I’ve been watching anime and reading manga for the longest of times. I’ve read and watched from shonen to seinen, to shounen. I’ve seen Dragonball Z to Sailor Moon, read and watched Hellsing, I’ve seen both versions of Fullmetal Alchemist – a couple of times now.

I do anime and manga reviews and everything else in between but I try to spotlight some of the ones that might not be so prominently featured like other mainstream anime.

Feel free to send me a request for reviews and I will try my best to accommodate your request, even if it’s something I might not particularly watch. Note: I try to do spoiler free reviews, especially for the newer animes.

So if you’re into these sort of things, then drop by and say hello.

My Anime List