Worst Manga Review

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This is my first manga review and I will be doing it on one of my favorite ones; Worst

The manga medium is one of the literary media I consume a lot, I enjoy Japanese storytelling and ideas. I firmly believe they are way ahead of its’ western counterparts. The only genre I believe this side of the pond is good at is science fiction and its’ subgenres but don’t get me wrong, they are getting better. I just find that Japan will give it a twist I didn’t see coming and not just for the sake of shock value, it is very organic within the story.

I can go on with this forever so without further ado, Worst Manga Review is a go.


United We Stand…..

Worst is a completed manga series written and illustrated by Hiroshi Takahashi. The manga was first published by Shōnen Champion in 2002.

The plot revolves around a group of teenage boys who fight their way through the notorious high school, Suzuran. While it mainly revolves around Suzuran High School, the story also jumps into various storylines with other factions that are connected with the high school. With that said, the story is about Hana Tsukishima,  a country boy that recently moved to the city. He is a good guy, ingenious and honest, but he is also very strong. His goal is to become the leader of Suzuran High. He and his friends encounter and fight many other gangs and rival schools, led by clan-logic and strength hierarchy.



Divided We Fall…..

This manga ran 131 chapters and there was not a lot of fillers in between. For a manga about delinquents, there was a lot of depth and mature tone in it. Not just because of the violence, a lot of the subject matter had a very serious tone to it.

While the main storyline was good, with a lot of obstacles facing Hana and the gang in which they have to overcome. My favorite part of the manga is the motorcycle gang, The Front of the Armament (or TFOA for short). They had good storylines regarding leadership, life, respect, and honor. All of the characters in the gang was very distinct and they manage to tie in the 3 generations that were showcased in the manga.

While I am biased about TFOA, the rest of the cast was also great. The whole manga was great, to be honest. All of the characters were distinct, each had fleshed out motivation as to what drives them and their goals, nothing shallow about these high schoolers to be honest. Very surprised that not a lot of them dated girls, I mean they were in high school but the presence of the female energy was lacking. The fight scenes were well done as well, most of it was not very technical, just straight out brawls trying to find out who is the strongest.

The Strong Will Survive…..

Overall, I highly recommend Worst! for some surprise manga reading. I read this manga at least once or twice a year, can’t get enough of the trial and tribulations. If you have some sort of gang honor fantasy, this is the manga for you.

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